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Andreas Dzialocha is an electric bass player, producer, composer and developer. His work consists of both digital and physical environments, spaces, festivals, software or platforms for participants and listeners. The computer itself serves as an artistical, political, social or philosophical medium, dealing with computer culture, machine learning, platform politics or decentralized networks.

Andreas Dzialocha - Portrait

He is member of the band Sun Kit with Jules Reidy, co-initiator of the berlin-based community computing space offline, member of the bitspossessed developers collective, co-founder and core-contributor of the local-first protocol p2panda, co-publisher of the self-curated magazine platform BLATT 3000, co-founder of the label Hyperdelia and the intermedial score platform Y-E-S. Sometimes he teaches artistic computer practices, recently at UdK Berlin. He studied art history, musicology, media philosophy and computer science in Berlin where he also lives and works.

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