The Palazzo is a post-modern building from the 90s in Berlin with a large unused concert hall, hidden away from the public. It was recently rented by iRights.Lab and offered to AI UNIT for a few evenings. - Palazzo

AI UNIT invites to a series of gatherings in the Palazzo, a building by the late italian architect Aldo Rossi, a replica of Michelangelos Palazzo Farnese in Rome. Its somewhat joyfully disfunctional and diverse architecture inspires us to model a form of communication with no defined results - and space for failure.

AI UNIT connects collectives and people to use that space and participate in formats reflecting on machine learning in art, architecture and politics. (You need neither to be a coder nor an artist to participate!)

The format aims at bringing together actors of different fields, to learn from each other and to share what we all bring from our experiences in our regarding fields.

With experiments combining left strategies and machine learning, wants to understand the complex intersections of society, culture, politics, environment, technology, identity, spaces, capitalism and us. (We agree, its a long list, but did we already say its complex?).

AI is mostly very bad. is the ugly, the very bad and sometimes the good.

Starting in December, we envision a two week cycle for gatherings, each lasting an entire day. Anybody interested can register on and state their field of interest and possible contribution. AI UNIT will serve tea and food.

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