~ For Always LP

Release date: 20/02/20 on Hyperdelia, HEX 005

For Always LP - Cover

For Hyperdelia’s new album For Always LP Andreas Dzialocha creates an enchanting ghost music. Animated by his solo bass playing and haunted by aleatoric acoustics, the record unearthes the instrument’s low end harmonics. A spectral music that sits somewhere between the timbral finesse of Julia Reidy, Tim Hecker’s noise gestures and the spaced out reclusivess à la Arthur Russell. The vinyl is a cute transparent blue and comes in a see-through PVC cover: limited edition of 200 copies.

For Always LP - Nida, Lithuania

For Always LP is produced in collaboration with Sam Slater (Hildur Guðnadóttir, Shapednoise, Zebra Katz, Mica Levi) and with support by composer/violist Marta Forsberg (Passepartout Duo, Ellen Arkbro, Stellan Veloce) and sound artist/singer Fågelle (Henryk Lipp).
Dzialocha recorded the initial bass material residing at the Baltic Sea in Lithuania. Afterwards and in collaboration with Sam Slater, he reworked the material in Stockholm: here they reamped the original stems and turned the studio itself into a living dub creature. Dzialocha, who is also a programmer, created an algorithm to sequence and filter the bass inputs. This software in turn randomly enables loudspeakers, headphones and tape machines that were placed in corridors and staircases. As an eerie result, we hear both Dzialocha’s stripped-down bass playing, the (non)logic of the algorithm as well as the specific resonances of the room acoustics: all of these have merged into one sentient instrument.

For Always LP - Stockolm

For Always LP - Stockholm

For Always LP is populated by a myriad of these machinic, acoustic and indeed personal traces. Marta Forsberg and Klara Andersson join by providing viola (on IV) as well as guitar, voice and lyrics (For Always). The record is animated by all of these forces and in ensemble they sing a wonderfully abstracted ghost music: for always.

Composition: Andreas Dzialocha
Electric Bass: Andreas Dzialocha
Viola (on ‘IV’): Marta Forsberg
Lyrics, Voice, Guitar, Noise (on ‘For Always’): Fågelle

Software development: Andreas Dzialocha
Production: Sam Slater, Andreas Dzialocha
Mixing: Sam Slater
Mastering: Rupert Clervaux

Recorded in "Art Colony" Nida, Lithuania
Post-Production w/ Sam Slater in "Studio Navet" Stockholm, Sweden

For Always LP - Vinyl

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