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NOR is a software for improvised music in a highly artifical environment. Inspired by techniques from modern studio sound production, the musicians are separated in five different rooms in one building, hearing each other via earphones, controlling extreme filters of theire instrument signals through NOR.





Substracting all musical physicality - like room acoustics, body communication or visual contact - the musicians communicate through the NOR interface and theire filtered instruments, being able to choose between a set of microphones, extreme compression, extreme reverb and a radical bandpass EQ filter as theire artificial musical parameters. Inside a 6th room all audio signals and filter commands come together, being then played through speakers and / or headphones for the audience.



The audience is able to walk between the rooms in the building, choosing between different perspectives.

NOR is a mobile app client written for smartphones communicating via WiFi to a server inside the building. The server gathers the commands from the musicians, parallely all audio signals are being collected and filtered here (whether directly via multicore or radio link for larger distances depending on the buildings architecture) and are sent back to the musicians earphones and to the speaker room for the audience.


NOR #1

@ Lake Studio, Berlin DE - 27.07.15
Christian Windfeld, DK (bowed cymbal)
Paul Roth, US (sax)
Nicola Hein, DE (electric guitar)
Kaj Duncan David, DK (radio)
Andreas Dzialocha, DE (electric bass)

NOR #2

@ VERANTWORTUNG 3000, Prädikow DE - 03.09.16
David Meier, CH (percussion)
Sam Andreae, UK (melodicas)
Neo Hülcker, DE (asmr)
Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg, DE (viola d'amore)

NOR #3

@ Miss Hecker, Berlin DE - 20.11.16
Sam Andreae, UK (feedback circuits)
Andreas Dzialocha, DE (electric bass)

NOR #4

@ Klangkeller, Berlin DE - 02.12.16
Stellan Veloce, IT (violoncello)
Julia Reidy, AU (12-string guitar)
Klaas Hübner, DE (electromagnetic fields)
Jethro Cooke, UK (electric guitar)

NOR #5

@ Gudhjem, Bornholm DK - 24.02.17
Julia Reidy, AU (synthesizer)
Marta Forsberg, SWE (violin)
Suze Whaites, UK (glockenspiel)
Laurence Tompkins, UK (voice)
Malte Kobel, DE (noisy toy piano)
Mio Ebisu, JP (acoustic guitar)

NOR #6

@ Aarhus DK - 03.09.18
Christian Windfeld, DK (cymbal, snare)
Lil Lacy, DK (voice, violoncello)
Sam Andreae, UK (sax, lo-fi electronics)
Andreas Dzialocha, DE (electrical bass)
Kaj Duncan David, DK (radio, synthesizer)

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