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p2panda is a user-friendly peer-to-peer communications protocol for secure, energy-efficient, offline- and local-first web applications. We want this protocol to be a playful tool for people to hack, build, play, and experiment with.

Messages in p2panda are signed, encrypted and published by clients using the Bamboo append-only log data type which gets distributed over the network to other peers. p2panda allows for decentralised and federated network topologies or even hybrids of these and aims at running in web browsers without loosing its cryptographic features.


p2panda emerged out of activities around the self-curated zine BLATT 3000 (2014) and subsequent festivals VERANTWORTUNG 3000 (2016) and HOFFNUNG 3000 (2017), the latter of these being the catalyst for building a custom platform designed to help communities organise in a decentralised manner, also called HOFFNUNG 3000.

While exploring building a p2p festival platform we met many people from the communities around Secure Scuttlebutt, DAT / Hypercore, Cabal, Chaos Computer Club, Fediverse, Antiuniversity Now, Pixelache trying to understand how this technology affects the way we organise ourselves.

This led to a group of people interested in realising a protocol for p2p communication, which ultimately should serve as a tool to build applications, like a festival tool and more. We've been meeting regularly on Mondays since 2019 to hack p2panda and have recently reached the point where we have a publicly running demo project. We have also been active in some other projects including the Liebe Chaos Verein, organising a p2p gathering and a reading group in Berlin. Obviously we're still going to organise another festival sometime.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the framework of the NGI-POINTER Project funded under grant agreement No 871528.

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